Prime54 - 2019

Prime54 - Digital Print - 2019

Paul Ashwell produces bold and striking abstract paintings and prints. Inspired by repeated journeys, geology, music and numbers, his background as a skilled printmaker also influences his work. 

Much of his work is created by superimposing layers – using plaster, tissue, newsprint and paint to bring out or obscure previous layers. He often uses gloss and matt to give different appearances in different light and from different angles.

Paul's facination with number and pattern is a reoccuring theme. His Prime Marks painting and print series is a good example of this.

Diary and exhibitions
July 2019 - Bridges - Mathematics and Art conference
Group exhibition at Johannes Kepler University - Linz

July 2013 - Prime Marks features in American Scientist article - Ode to Prime Numbers by Sarah Glaz, Emeritus Professor of Mathematics at the University of Connecticut

March - April 2013 - Monomania
Group exhibition - Cupola Gallery, Middlewood Road, Sheffield

October 2012 - Brightest Spark
Group exhibition - Cantor Building, Sheffield Hallam University

June 2010 - Open Up Sheffield
Open studio weekends

December 2009 - January 2010 - ICE
Group exhibition - Cupola Gallery, Middlewood Road, Sheffield

March 2009 - Ten Artworks
Solo exhibition - Union, Greek Street, Soho, London

February - March 2009 - There is Hope
Group exhibition - GV Art, Chiltern St, Marylebone, London

April 2008 - Open Up Sheffield
Open studio weekends

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